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2010-07-24 QuakeCon 2010 Quake2 BYOC Tour2009-10-05 Tasty!
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Tastyspleen Leagues
IRC: #tastyspleen
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: on
Players limit: 10
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
1. The following items are prohibited and are grounds for forfeit and/or ban: rocket launchers, railguns, shotguns, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, gang emblems, occular penetration aides, and lewd or obscene behavior.
2. Fighting, provoking fights or intimidation may result in suspension or transfer to another league that doesnt exist.

3. TASTY LEAGUES GOES BY A SCHEDULE. If you are scheduled to play tomorrow, it shouldn't be played yesterday... or vice versa
4. Truancy is subject to disciplinary consequences (Absences must be cleared within 48 hours). Players are expected to be on time each match to maximize the awesomeness of having the match!
5. Players who are habitually tardy and/or miss a match are subject to having the occular penetration aid rule lifted and beaten with DeathStalker's computer cart.

6. Dress appropriately for matches. Clothing which is distractive, disruptive, or optional is completely appropriate in tasty leagues. Acceptable attire includes: king arthur tunics, prescott vests, dodgballs shreded to make clothing, or any other fucked up thing you might wear that you can think of.
7. Players who dress inappropriately will be subject to disciplinary action. This includes wearing Gamer Shoes

8. Electronic devices (CD players, MP3's, pagers, radios, laser pens, palm pilots, commodore 64's, ect.) are permitted during matches.
9. Cell Phones are to be turned off during matches. Players who are caught using a cell phone during a match will be arrested for wreckless endangerment while carrying an explosive weapon.

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