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2010-07-24 QuakeCon 2010 Quake2 BYOC Tour2009-10-05 Tasty!
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QuakeCon 2010
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: on
Players limit: 2
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
General Rules and Information

Welcome to The Tastyspleen Experience: Quake II 2v2

How it works:
Teams will be placed in a group and play through a round robin. Each match is worth 3 points and is best of 3 maps. After all teams play each other a seeded playoff bracket will be made with the top 4 in the group. The Grand Final will be best of 5.

Time shedule is to be announced.

- No Cheating: This includes but is not limited to: aimbots, loud footsteps or any other hacked sounds to give someone an unfair advantage, any unapproved model paks that alter the original size/shape of the team models, items timers, lag inducers and speed hacks.
- You can use bright skin skin paks, but any unapproved model paks that alter the original size/shape of the team models are not allowed.

Allowed Clients

Quake II

The maps

q2dm1 - The Edge
q2dm2 - Tokay's Towers
q2dm3 - The Frag Pipe
q2dm7 - Slimey Place

The servers

Match rules and info

- Timelimit 15 Minutes
- No Powerups
- No BFG
- Weapons stay OFF
- Fall Damage ON

- You are allowed 10 minutes grace time after schedule to show up. If noone has heard from you and you dont show up then you will forfeit.
- You are allowed 0 reschedules for a match.
- Each team can have one official timeout per map.
- You must use the name that is registered on the website.

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